We are all *Fucked* if we do not understand this!

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How much more can we negate it?  Pretending to compare your Kids to your Philosophy?  With Global Warming going on and Nuclear Devastation in the brink, and the fact that all your observations have been discredited, by Mainstream Media which has no resemblance to reality?


Your Money means nothing to me!


I am gonna fight for humanity, and against War, and against borders, and against anything that flies in the face of humanity,  Nomatter what is promoted!  I will fall with truth and reality and I will never wish to go to my deathbed promoting anything but truth and reality.  PERIOD.

I am not alone



I was reluctant to watch the Movie, as per Propaganda

Yet, how they are even passing this off as real in any way, is well beyond me!  The only thing they seem to get right is that Churchill was a “Dottering Old Fool” who was disrespected by everyone really in charge, and even by his own Wife, having Alchohol in every room he had.  They even somehow downplayed that, not showing him as the “Raving Drunk and Lunatic” that he was.

To even try to say that Churchill wanted to be on the front lines, or gave a “Rats Ass” about the people who were about to die is more than pushing it!  Millions upon Millions died in WWII, of which would not have died, had the War ended in 1940 as it should have with Hitler’s most recent Peace Proposal, guaranteeing withdrawal of all German Forces from Occupied Lands (except that of the Polish Corridor splitting Germany and put in place during the Versailles Treaty unfairly).

Disappointingly, the movie offers a distorted version of events.

According to Andrew Roberts, an eminent Churchill historian, the movie is a “perverse fantasy which deserves to be a flop.” In a Heat Street movie review, Roberts listed the historical grievances of the new movie:

The only problem with the movie–written by the historian Alex von Tunzelmann–is that it gets absolutely everything wrong. Never in the course of movie-making have so many specious errors been made in so long a film by so few writers.

The major error of fact, of course, is that although Churchill did indeed oppose an over-hasty return of Allied forces to northwest France in 1942 and 1943, by the time of D-Day in 1944, he was completely committed to the operation.

The entire premise of the movie is that Churchill vehemently opposed Operation Overlord and did virtually everything in his power to stop the operation. Roberts used ample evidence from personal diaries of the generals and secretaries involved in those fateful days before June 6 to prove that the movie completely misrepresents Churchill. Roberts even described a scene in which the prime minister appeals to God to sabotage the operation:

The scene where he prays for bad weather for D-Day (“Please, please, please let it pour tomorrow. Let the heavens open and a deluge burst forth such as has never been seen in the English Channel. Let the sea churn into peaks and troughs and tidal waves!”) is particularly puerile, considering the hopes that Churchill really had for the success of the operation at the time.

This is a monstrous twisting of the truth and leads the audience down a road of lies. The hundreds of documents written by Churchill and his contemporaries during the last few weeks before Overlord give no inkling of such behavior.

The movie depicts Churchill as opposing the invasion based off of his many experiences from World War I, and the previous amphibious assaults of World War II. In fact, those experiences did weigh heavily on his mind. In his Memoirs, under a section titled “Hard Memories,” Churchill wrote: “The readers of these volumes will be aware that, while I was always willing to join with the United States in a direct frontal assault across the Channel … I knew that it would be a very heavy and hazardous adventure. The fearful price we had had to pay in human life and blood for the great offensives of the First World War was graven in my mind.”

Indeed, for a man who witnessed the carnage of World War from the trenches and had also been responsible for ordering thousands of men to their death as a cabinet minister, there is no doubt he was more sensitive to the consequences of Operation Overlord than anyone else. By 1944, however, Churchill was fully committed to the operation. On March 11, 1944, Churchill telegraphed U.S. Gen. George Marshall: “I am hardening on this operation as the time approaches, in the sense of wishing to strike if humanly possible.” The amount of correspondence that demonstrates Churchill using his full powers to ensure the success of the operation is overwhelming.

On Friday, May 19, Churchill visited Montgomery’s headquarters to discuss some concerns over the vehicles needed for D-Day. As Churchill pointed out, this meeting has been misrepresented as a clash where Montgomery threatened to resign. This never happened, even though Ms. von Tunzelmann may have found this her inspiration for representing the two men’s relationship. Churchill wrote about the meeting in his Memoirs:

All of our proceedings were of a most friendly character, and when that night the general asked me to put something for him in private book, as I had done before other great battles, I wrote the following, which has already been published elsewhere: “On the verge of the greatest adventure with which these pages have dealt, I record my confidence that all will be well, and that the organization and equipment of the Army will be worthy of the valor of the soldiers and the genius of her chief.”

These words hardly reflect the attitude of a man who was opposed to the operation. One of the most disappointing aspects of the movie is the failure to mention Churchill’s desire to witness the invasion of Europe. The prime minister made plans with Adm. Bertram Ramsay to be on board the HMS Ramillies, which would be a part of the bombardment force on June 6. Churchill would then land on the beaches of Normandy himself, before returning to England that night. Churchill’s intention reveals the real man lost in Ms. von Tunzelmann’s alternative universe. Churchill was a warrior and desired to be with the men who would sacrifice the most to defeat the Nazis. Only the intervention of King George vi stopped Churchill.

For a REAL perspective on Churchill…

Let a REAL Historian tell you in 1hr/45 min

The term “Nazi” is a Zionist (hate term)



They love to use it when it meets their Agenda, but it is a “Hate Term”

Just as calling Japanese “Nips” or Chinese “Chinks” or Koreans “Gooks” or Muslims “Ragheads”, it is ok for them to even admit that these are “slang and hate” terms, while of course NEGATING that they constantly push hate.  Constantly push slang, as in Nazi.

Constantly tell lies, as with 6 Million dying in “Death Camps” when the figure cannot be substantiated for Camps or that the Camps themselves were built as killing machines.  Ignoring that they have accused Germans of “Shrunken Heads” with no apology offered or admission that it was a lie.  No admission of guilt when the lampshades they say were made of Jewish skin turned out to be Goat Skin instead.  No retraction.  No retractions either as they accused the Germans of turning Jewish Fat into Soap, or the admissions of pure fraud as the “survivors” told of being forced to shower with this soap, wondering if it was one of their own relatives that they were washing with.  No apology for this lie or education for even the people who believed it.  No admission that the “Electrocution Rooms” were of pure fantasy.  Fire pits where babies were thrown being impossible with the water table too high to allow for fire pits.  No admission that Diesel Gas is next to impossible to kill large amounts of people with or even a few, and that the process would take hours, if possible at all.  NO PROMOTION WHATSOEVER that in fact no Gas Chambers have ever been found at ANY of the German Concentration Camps.  Instead, suppression of the truth, and the pushing of lies, and using the word “Nazi” to describe anyone who they NEXT wish to lie about, or just to continue with the same “proven lie” propaganda, and say it again, as if it had not in fact been disproven.


Pure Hate!


Yet Zionists are allowed to get away with it.  Even though they accepted the Transfer Agreement, and moved their people to Palestine (under German expense), and profited by the sale of technology to the Germans during the War, as per their IBM tattooing records for the camps.  No mention of their complicity.  No mention their denial of aid to the German Jews in the camps who did not wish to be Zionist.  No mention of this at all.  Just “X-nay on that, we do anything for our agenda nay”  when it comes to that, as they continue to promote Hate with their “Holocaust Museums” showing all the frauds (as if they were real) which I outlined in the above paragraph.  The ADL and the JDL committing Murder and Terrorism (even on film) as they attack the latest people they label “Nazi’s”.  They even have YOU repeating the word.  They have the word promoted in every Media.  They have the word promoted by your Government too and in your schools.  As it is ok, for only THEM to spread hate.  Even exposing them doing crimes or pushing hate, is paramount to what they label “Hate Speech”, as such speech could be just telling the truth, but only they are allowed to use hate speech.

Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits


As a German child growing up in a foreign country during the 60s, I was often called a “Nazi” by some of my peers when they learned that I was German. It was, of course, simply ignorant repetition or “parroting” of what was said on TV in hundreds of TV shows, Hollywood movies, alleged ‘documentaries’, in newspaper and magazine articles, as well as in radio programs, not to mention classroom indoctrination, and probably by their parents too. The libraries, of course, were also full of books which spoke of “Nazis” (and still are). So to deny that there was ever such thing as a “Nazi”, to most people, would be akin to denying the moon-landing, or perhaps more accurately, like telling a frightened child that “no monster under the bed” or “no ghost in the closet”. And one would then not only be thought as a “Nazi”, but also a lunatic, because after all, “everyone knows Hitler was an evil Nazi, and a madman, and a war monger and he wanted to take over the world, yada yada yada!”. Well, if truth, justice, and honest history (as opposed to “convenient history) mean anything anymore, then we need to un-learn this term, and to stop parroting it like little children, using it for convenience sake, and especially, from using it as a repressive weapon for the purposes of “stifling dissent”; the very thing everyone wants to accuse “evil Nazis” of having done! It’s time to debunk the “Nazi” epithet and to show you where it came from, who invented it, and why. The fact is, that the term “Nazi” was created by the enemies of the National Socialists (the NSDAP). It was a pejorative term; an insult or a slur. The Germans, not even Hitler nor any other top party officials ever called themselves “Nazis”! They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don’t.
The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party. The term is a variant of the nickname that was used in reference to members of the SDP at the time “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based on the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin”, and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy”. So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves. One should also see why it would be used and popularized by Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.
It should immediately become apparent that, if there is no such thing as a “Nazi”, except in the propaganda which was invented and spewed by this man, then it follows logically, that there is also NO such thing as a “Neo-Nazi” either. Those who would describe themselves as such are as ignorant as those who say they hate “Nazis” and they are equally deceived. Indeed, I highly suspect that some of those who promote “Neo-Nazism” are really agents whose job it is to keep the spectre of evil “Nazis” alive, and to effect the demonization of all those who would dare question the whole history about Hitler, the NS and WWII that we have all been sold.
What we must also know about Mr. Heiden, however, is that he was not just any other political opponent in the days of the Weimar Republic. He, himself was a “Jew”, and his father was a trade unionist, and that the trade unions were teaming with subversive, violent, Marxist-Bolsheviks. And NO, that is not “racist” statement, nor is intended to promote hatred. Merely to state the facts. If you want to make such childish accusations then please start with attacking Wikipedia.
Wikipedia states that:

“Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) was an influential Jewish journalist and historian of the Weimar Republic and Nazi eras, most noted for the first influential biographies of German dictator Adolf Hitler. Often, he wrote under the pseudonym “Klaus Bredow.”
Heiden was born in Munich, Germany, on 7 August 1901, and graduated from the University of Munich in 1923. His father was a union organizer, while his mother had a Jewish background. At the university, he organized a republican and democratic student body and became a member of the Social Democratic Party.
Heiden was one of the first critical observers of the rise of National Socialism in Germany after he attended a party’s meeting in 1920. He worked for the Frankfurter Zeitung and the Vossischen Zeitung, but became a freelancer in 1932. A year later, he went into exile; first to Saarland, then to Switzerland, then to France, and finally to the United States.
Heiden’s book, “The New Inquisition”, published jointly by Modern Age Books, Inc. and Alliance Book Corporation, in New York in 1939, with a translation from German by Heinz Norden, includes a series of personal, but necessarily anonymous accounts by German Jews of violent persecution under the Nazi regime accelerating from the time of the fall of 1938 and an eerie and accurate prediction of the Final Solution planned by the Nazi regime:
To drive 600,000 people by robbery into hunger, by hunger into desperation, by desperation into wild outbreaks, and by such outbreaks into the waiting knife — such is the cooly calculated plan. Mass murder is the goal, a massacre such as history has not seen — certainly not since Tamerlane and Mithridates. We can only venture guesses as to the technical forms these mass executions are to take. In his book Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler suggested that the people to be killed be kept “under poisonous gas”; however, he speaks of a mere twelve to fifteen thousand. Doubtless the destructive instinct in the ruling class of the regime has grown in the meantime…”

There are a number of things there that should immediately send up “RED flags”! But let’s just look at the most blatant distortion of the fact. As I recently demonstrated with an article from the largest German-Jewish organization in 1933 (at the time when Hitler came to power and when Heiden set about telling his lies) defended Germany, and said to the world that they were doing fine, and they appealed for an end to the atrocity propaganda. By the way, the Jewish population was less than 6oo,000 as Heiden had said.
Now let’s look Adolf Hitler actually did say, and in what context he said it He was discussing World War I, in which he himself had courageously fought, and had been decorated numerous times for his bravery :

“The fact that the German people carried on the War proved that the Marxist folly had not yet been able to penetrate deeply. But as the War was prolonged German soldiers and workers gradually fell back into the hands of the Marxist leaders, and the number of those who thus relapsed became lost to their country. At the beginning of the War, or even during the War, if twelve or fifteen thousand of these Jews who were corrupting the nation had been forced to submit to poison-gas, just as hundreds of thousands of our best German workers from every social stratum and from every trade and calling had to face it in the field, then the millions of sacrifices made at the front would not have been in vain. On the contrary: If twelve thousand of these malefactors had been eliminated in proper time probably the lives of a million decent men,who would be of value to Germany in the future, might have been saved. But it was in accordance with bourgeois ‘statesmanship’ to hand over, without the twitch of an eyelid, millions of human beings to be slaughtered on the battlefields, while they looked upon ten or twelve thousand public traitors, profiteers, usurers and swindlers, as the dearest and most sacred national treasure and proclaimed their persons to be inviolable. Indeed it would be hard to say what is the most outstanding feature of these bourgeois circles: mental debility, moral weakness and cowardice, or a mere down-at-heel mentality. It is a class that is certainly doomed to go under but, unhappily, it drags down the whole nation with it into the abyss.” (Mein Kampf, James Murphy Translation, 1939, Page 518) 

Do we see the difference? And do we see the deception at work? Do we see the intention to mislead the world at large?
Regarding the camps, Heiden gives no mention to the fact those people being interned in labour camps were subversives. Nor to the fact that these people could be, and were often released back to their communities. I will have more on that, however, in a future post. Also ignored is the fact that such camps were far more common and horrific in the Soviet Union, with little or no hope of getting out. And of course, such camps had been invented and used very cruelly by the Brits, and also the American hypocrites too.
Regarding the ‘Frankfurter Zeitung’, “during the period of the Weimar Republic, the paper was treated with hostility by nationalist circles because it had pronounced itself in favor of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918. At that time it no longer stood in opposition to the government and supported Gustav Stresemann’s policy of reconciliation.”
As to the ‘Vossische Zeitung’, it was based in Berlin which was a bastion of decadence in the Weimar period. It catered to the liberal-bourgeois crowd and was very “international” in its views. “Until the second year of the Third Reich’s reign over Germany, the publication was generally regarded as Germany’s national newspaper of record, just as The Times and Le Temps were to Great Britain and France, respectively. “
Now, you may want to dismiss me as being a “biased German”, and I am sure that some will reflexively shriek that I am an “anti-Semite” (which I am not) for daring to bring up this man’s background, and questioning his character and motives, but any objective observer who has done his or her own research, and who is at all familiar with the realities of the Weimar Republic, and with the true, publicly stated objectives of the National Socialists should immediately see that there was a huge conflict of interest there and bias on Heidens part. And that bias and his special interests would not only cause him to engage in childish name-calling and insults such as “Nazi!”, but far more serious and injurious behaviors, such as LYING HIS ASS OFF off to foment another World War, that would eventually cost nearly 60,000,000 million lives, incalculable misery worldwide, and a bogus legacy that still haunts us all today.
No, Mr. Heiden was certainly NOT an objective “journalist”, he was a “propagandist” and an “opportunist”! For if he was really concerned with “human rights” then where and when did he criticize the bloody red Bolsheviks and the brutal genocide of tens of millions of Christian Russians and the starvation of the 7 million Ukrainians? Much less the plight of the starving, unemployed, destitute and desperate Germans who were being held as slaves in their own country by the dictates of the Versailles Treaty and the dealings of self-described “Jewish” bankers and financial barons of Wall Street, London and Paris, while at the same time, being primed for Bolshevism by the Comintern and the trade unions. The bloody Russian Revolution was brought about by those very same Ueber-Kapitalist scoundrels, who also fomented World War I. Hitler had been openly discussing these things and fighting than from the beginning! Do you think just maybe they may have had a little something against him and the National Socialists, hmmm?
All things being equal, Heiden should NEVER have been given much (if any) credibility for his claims, as he and his interests (ie the status quo) were under the threat by the NSDAP. It was entirely in his interest, and that of his father, his family, his associates, etc to smear the National Socialists, both at home and abroad, to preserve their own interests, at the expense of everyone else. Not only that but also with a major interest in perpetuating his lies after the war too, in order to continually justify it.
One would have to be very naive to not know that he found a waiting and welcome soapbox in America, partly because of who controls the media there, but more importantly, because America, after World War I and especially during the Great Depression had fallen totally into the hands of the International Bankster Gangsters who happen to call themselves “Jews” (…and are not). The very same bunch of crooks who gave you the Federal Reserve and which rules you today, as well as Germany, and most other countries. The National Socialists had a rescue plan for their people and their economy, which threatened their hegemony and the long-term global plans, ie the NWO agenda. Are we getting it yet?
Heiden was not alone in his efforts either. As soon as Hitler came to power, many of the most influential Jews bailed out and headed straight to America, to literally “raise hell”. That, of course, takes us back to what I had stated in my earlier post “World War II started in 1933!” (which detailed the worldwide Jewish initiated boycotts). And for the Germans, that war has never ended. Nor will it, until people really begin to grasp the level of deception that has gone on, and is still being used to manipulate the world today.
Again, if people are truly seeking truth, justice, and peace on this planet, then it is high time they begin to learn and to research these things for themselves, stop trusting the media, and many in the alternative media, and stop perpetuating their lies, and stop using their jargon, not only for the sake of the honour of the Germans but because it is self-defeating. All humanity has suffered from this injustice and shall continue to do so until we all take personal responsibility, by researching and learning the truth and speaking the truth, and for holding the real liars, haters and war mongers accountable!
But, to those who want to persist in using that nasty epithet, then perhaps we need to start calling you a bunch “Heidi’s”!
How do you like that, hmmm?
But what about the “Nazi-Zionist” Medallion?

Here is one item that certain people like to trot out occasionally to try and (falsely) make the point that Hitler the NS founded Israel, and that “Nazi = Zionist”, and that the NS called themselves “Nazis”. This is worthy of a post on its own, but it is very much related to the above, so I hope you will bear with me on this.

I have already dealt with those Zionist issues in previous, recent posts. However, as to this image depicting a medallion (many claims it was a coin, but it wasn’t), this did exist, but I think there is an untold story here which may have even escaped the eyes of most “revisionist” historian’s. Look at the known facts and judge for yourself.
SS Officer Leopold von Mildenstein was influencing NS policy towards the Jews and the NS Newspaer in Berlin ‘Der Angriff’ had this medal struck to commemorate his voyage to Palestine, depicting the ‘Hakenkreuz’ (what most falsely call a swastika) on one side and the Jewish Star on the other.
“History Today” in the U.K. used this motif to publicize its January 1980 issue featuring an article by Jacob Boas. The article brought howls of outrage from Zionist students and others, convinced that it was their duty to protect Zionism from any suggestion that its leaders ever “collaborated with Nazis”, and to denounce the magazine’s supposed motives. The article however, was based on the facts.
Wikipedia states:

Between 9 September and 9 October 1934 the National Socialist Party Berlin newspaper Der Angriff, founded and controlled by Joseph Goebbels, published a series of twelve pro-Zionist articles by Mildenstein under the title A National Socialist Goes to Palestine. In honour of his visit, the newspaper issued a commemorative medal, with the swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other.[1][3]
In the summer of 1935, then holding the rank of SS-Untersturmführer, Mildenstein attended the 19th Congress of the Zionist Organization in Lucerne, Switzerland, as an observer attached to the German Jewish delegation.[9] Mildenstein’s apparently less extreme anti-Jewish line was overtaken by events, and after a dispute with Reinhard Heydrich in 1936 he was removed from his post and transferred to the Foreign Ministry’s press department. He had fallen out of favour because migration to Palestine was not proceeding at a fast enough rate. His departure from the SD also saw a shift in SS policy, marked by the publication of a pamphlet warning of the dangers of a strong Jewish state in the Middle East, written by another ‘expert’ on Jewish matters who had been invited to join Section II/112 by Mildenstein himself, Eichmann.[1][10] Mildenstein was replaced as the head of his former Section by Kuno Schroeder.[11] Later, in December 1939, Eichmann was made head of the Jewish Department Referat IV B4 of the RSHA, of which the SD became a part in September, 1939.[12][13]
As Germany moved into the Second World War, Mildenstein continued to write propaganda articles and books. After the war, his ‘Around the Burning Land of the Jordan’ (1938)[14] and ‘The Middle East Seen from the Roadside’ (1941)[15] were placed on the list of proscribed literature in the Soviet occupation zone and later in the German Democratic Republic.
Like the Haavara Agreement, Mildenstein’s 1933 visit to Palestine and the medal to commemorate it were later sometimes used by anti-Israel authors to argue that there was a relationship between National socialism and Zionism.[1]

Most historians seem to concur. But there are a number of things which cause me to think that the former SS Officer Leopold von Mildenstein, was really a double agent. He selected and groomed Eichmann, who eventually later replaced Mildenstein. He wasn’t tried after the war as were his colleagues. Eichmann fled to South America, but was later captured and tried by the Israelis and then hanged. Mildenstein, however, went on to lead a good life in West Germany, and even became a member of the FPD and was even elected to the Bundestag! In 1954 he visited the USA. He obtained a visa at the request the FRG (occupational) government of West Germany.
He was later described using the respectable term “journalist”, whereas, previously under the NS, he was described as a “propagandist”. In the 1960s he worked for Coca-Cola in their PR Department but then went on to work for “Voice of the Arabs” radio in Cairo, Egypt. When Eichmann was arrested and put on trial, he dropped the name of Mildenstein on the public record during the trial. That caused Mildenstein to claim immunity from prosecution by proclaiming that he was, or had been in an operational relationship with the CIA, and as such, and he got immunity! I suspect, therefore, that his work at the Egypt radio station was likely a cover for intelligence-related work in the Middle-East. But how does one go from being an SS-Zionist supporter to being a voice or writer for a Pro-Arab and Pan-Arabist radio station? CIA? Mossad? As to the series of 12 articles he wrote and which were published in 1934 in “Der Angriff”, which the medallion commemorated, the first article was published on 9/11 (in 1934). Ummm?
So, now this medallion is out there and everyone claims it was Goebbels work. Goebbels had indeed started the magazine in 1926, but by 1934, it was no longer well supported or needed by the NSDAP. Goebbels, himself, was now in government as a minister with many responsibilities, including overseeing some 120 daily and weekly magazines across Germany. Der Angriff was no longer his baby in Berlin. There were a series of “Editors in Chief” which succeeded Goebbels in that position. So it is quite a stretch to claim that it was the work of Goebbels and that he approved of it.
As to Mildenstein, after outing himself as a CIA operative, he dropped out of sight in 1964. It is said by Wikipedia that he died in 1968, but there is no mention of where or how he died. What is Mildenstein’s lasting legacy? It is that image of the “Nazi-Zionist” medallion for which Goebbels’ name is now permanently linked to that infamous, nasty, pejorative term “Nazi”, to provide credibility for it amongst the gullible. Moreover, it is grist for the mill for all those who push the notion that the actions of Israelis against the Palestinians today are synonymous with “National Socialists”, not to mention the ludicrous conspiracy theories, that”Hitler was a Jew” or “Hitler was a Rothschild” and all such nonsense which is easily debunked. Again, see my previous posts.
Who benefits? Those who fear the truth and who fear the day that the world gets wise to them, their lies, and their agenda. The bottom line is there are no “Nazis” and there never were! There were only “National Socialists” and it is high time that people learn what National Socialism was really about, why World War II was actually fought, who wanted it, who started it, and what agenda was served by it. That same agenda is still well served today by a dumbed-down, ignorant world, with childish beliefs and fears of “evil Nazis”.

The REAL truth of National Socialism

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Zionism is NOT Judaism! Not in the least!


As the “Hoodwinking of Zionism” continues, the promoted misconceptions continue and get worse.

People are waking up Worldwide about this “Political Sect” and they have been inventing stuff, and promoting it, without opposition (mostly) for over a Century, as they control most of the Media and certainly control Governments, along with the International Banking Industry.  They are best known for one thing.  For those researching in Zionism, their biggest attribute they lay claim to is:

Pure Fraud!


Modern Jews are essentially divided into two major categories, ethnically and culturally: Sephardim and Ashkenazim.

The former are primarily of Spanish origin; the name Sephardim being derived from Sepharad, the Hebrew word for Spain, and are likely the closest to actual Semitic Jews that can be established. They were expelled from Spain toward the beginning of the sixteenth century and immigrated to the eastern Mediterranean and Balkans.

As late as the 1960s the Sephardic Jews numbered only about 500,000, compared with the Ashkenazim of the same period estimated at approximately twelve million.

Thus, attempting to claim the existence of a “race” of Jews has been proven to be an anthropological impossibility. Though their God consistently warned them against intermingling themselves amongst non-Jewish races, their miscegenistic tendencies are well documented and have resulted in their complete erasure as a distinct, genetic peoples.

When, inevitably, there was mixing of Western European and Khazarian Jews, there was a notable difference between the educational levels of the two Jewish sub-cultures. The Khazars greatly admired their vastly less numerous but far more learned Western (German speaking) brethren and quickly adopted their language, education, and cultural practices. This resulted, also, in an assimilation of their other talents in the area of economics, business and things politik.

“The Khazars were not descended from the Tribes,” says Koestler, “but, as we have seen, they shared a certain cosmopolitanism and other social characteristics with their co-religionists.” 65

Somewhere in the historical roots of the Ashkenazi Khazars there incubated a desire to possess a national Jewish homeland. That desire expressed itself in the form of a Messianic movement in twelfth-century Khazaria that took on the texture of a “Jewish crusade” whose goal was the forcible subjugation of Palestine. A Khazar Jew named Solomon ben Duji instigated the movement and began an international correspondence with all the Jews of surrounding nations.

They are  NOT of one Race, nor are they directly related to Ancient Israelites!

30 Seconds from Yale


The Difference Between Judaism and Zionism
G. Neuburger

Where the Torah tells about the creation of the first human being, the most prominent Jewish commentator, Rashi, explains that the earth from which Adam was formed was not taken from one spot but from various parts of the globe. Thus human dignity does not depend on the place of one’s birth nor is it limited to one region.

    The greatness or worth of a person is not measured by his or her outward appearance. Jews believe that Adam was created in G-d’s image and that he is the common ancestor of all mankind. At this stage in human history, there is no room for privileged people who can do with others as they please. Human life is sacred and human rights are not to be denied by those who would subvert them for “national security” or for any other reason. No one knows this better than the Jews, who have been second-class citizens so often and for so long. Some Zionists, however, may differ. This is understandable because Judaism and Zionism are by no means the same. Indeed they are incompatible and irreconcilable: If one is a good Jew, one cannot be a Zionist; if one is a Zionist, one cannot be a good Jew.

        For over 60 years I have fought Zionism, as did my father before me, and I am therefore quite familiar with it. For those who have been in this fight for only the last ten or twenty years, what I have to say may be surprising or even shocking. Nevertheless, these matters must be stated clearly and openly because unless the disease of Zionism is diagnosed accurately, it cannot be cured. Too long have those opposed to Zionism engaged in daydreaming and wishful thinking. In order to recognize Zionism for what it is, one has to know about Judaism, about Zionism — the opposite and negation of Judaism, and about Jewish history. In the time allotted to me, I am not going to talk about the actions of the Zionists; they will be adequately dealt with by others. As a Jew, I plan to discuss Zionism, which is a rebellion against G-d and treason to the Jewish people.

        To begin with, a few definitions: Who is a Jew? A Jew is anyone who has a Jewish mother or who converted to Judaism in conformity with Halacha, Jewish religious law. This definition alone excludes racism. Judaism does not seek converts, but those who do convert are accepted on a basis of equality. Let us see how far this goes. Some of the most eminent and respected rabbis were converts to Judaism. Jewish parents throughout the world bless their children every Sabbath and holiday eve, and they have done it in the same way for millennia. If the children are girls, the blessing is, “May G-d let you be like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah.” Not one of these matriarchs was born a Jewess; they were all converts to Judaism. If the children are boys, the blessing is, “May G-d let you be like Ephraim and Menashe.” The mother of these two was an Egyptian woman who became Jewish and had married Joseph. Moses himself, the greatest Jew who ever lived, married a Midianite woman who became Jewish. Finally, the Tenach, the holy writings of the Jew, contains the book of Ruth. This woman was not only not Jewish by birth, but she came from the Moabites, traditional enemies of the Jewish people. This book describes Ruth’s conversion to Judaism and is read annually on the holiday commemorating the giving of the Torah, the “Law,” i.e. the Pentateuch. At its very end, the book of Ruth traces the ancestry of King David, the greatest king the Jews ever had, to Ruth, his great-grandmother.

        Apart from the Zionists, the only ones who consistently considered the Jews a race were the Nazis. And they only served to prove the stupidity and irrationality of racism. There was no way to prove racially whether a Mrs. Muller or a Mr. Meyer were Jews or Aryans (the Nazi term for non-Jewish Germans. The only way to decide whether a person was Jewish was to trace the religious affiliation of the parents or grandparents. So much for this racial nonsense.

        Racial pride has been the downfall of those Jews in the past who were blinded by their own narrow-minded chauvinism. This brings us to a second definition. Is there a Jewish people? If so, what is its mission? Let us make this completely clear: The Jewish nation was not born or reconstituted a generation ago by some Zionist politicians. The Jewish nation was born on Mount Sinai when the Jews by their response, “let us do and let us hear,” adopted the Torah given to them by G-d for all future generations. `This day you become a people,” though valid still today, was spoken thousands of years ago.

        According to Jewish tradition, there are seven Noachide laws which apply to all human beings. Then there are the Ten Commandments which form the basic standard of morality and conduct for adherents of all monotheistic religions. In addition to these, there are 613 laws obligatory for Jews, and every Jew has to observe those which are applicable to him or her according to Halacha. It is the carrying out of these mitzvoth, “commandments,” which constitutes the essence of being Jewish, and therefore of the Jewish people and their covenant with G-d.       

        In what way are the Jews a “chosen people”? Every Jewish man anywhere and at any time when called to the reading of the Torah says, “Who has chosen us from all the peoples and gave us His Torah.” This is the way in which the Jews are chosen. The Jewish people are chosen not for domination over others, not for conquest or warfare, but to serve G-d and thus to serve mankind. “And the hands are the hands of Esau,” has been traditionally interpreted to mean that while “the voice is Jacob’s,” the hands- – symbolizing violence – are Esau’s. Thus physical violence is not a tradition or a value of the Jews. The task for which the Jewish people were chosen is not to set an example of military superiority or technical achievements, but to seek perfection in moral behavior and spiritual purity. Of all the crimes of political Zionism, the worst and most basic, and which explains all its other misdeeds, is that from its beginning Zionism has sought to separate the Jewish people from their G-d, to render the divine covenant null and void, and to substitute a “modern” statehood and fraudulent sovereignty for the lofty ideals of the Jewish people.

        One means of misleading many Jews and all too many non-Jews is the Zionist misuse of names and symbols sacred in Judaism. They use the holy name Israel for their Zionist state. They have named their land acquisition fund with a term that traditionally implies the reward for piety, good deeds, and charitable work. They have adopted as a state symbol the menorah (candelabrum). What hypocrisy, what perversion it is to have the Israeli army fight under an emblem, the meaning of which is explained in the Tenach (on the occasion of a previous return to the Holy Land) as, “not with armed force and not with power, but in My spirit says the Lord of Hosts.”

       The infamous founder of political Zionism, may his name be cursed, who only discovered his own Jewishness because of anti-Semitism displayed at the Dreyfus trial in France, proposed various solutions to what he called the “Jewish problem.” At one point he proposed to resettle the Jews in Uganda. At another, he proposed to convert them to Catholicism. He finally hit on the idea of a Judenstaat, an exclusively Jewish state. Thus from its very beginning Zionism was a result of Anti-Semitism and indeed is completely compatible with it, because Zionists and anti-Semites had (and have) a common goal: To bring all Jews from their places of domicile to the Zionist state, thus uprooting Jewish communities that had existed for hundreds and even thousands of years. Loyalty to the Zionist state was substituted for loyalty to G-d, and the state was made into the modern “golden calf”. Belief in the Torah and fulfillment of religious obligations in Zionist eyes became a private matter and not a duty for every Jew or for the Jewish people. The Zionists made divine law subject to party or parliamentary votes, and they set their own standards of conduct and ethics.

        Neither the founder of political Zionism nor any of the prime ministers of the Zionist state believed in the divine origin of the Torah nor even in the existence of G-d. All prime ministers were members of a party that opposed religion in principle and that considered the Bible a document of ancient folklore, devoid of any religious meaning. And yet these same Zionists base their claim to the Holy Land on this same Bible, the divine origin of which they deny. At the same time they conveniently forget the Jewish holiday prayer “and for our sins have we been exiled from our land,” and ignore the fact that the present exile of the Jewish people is divinely decreed and that the Jewish people are neither commanded nor permitted to conquer or rule the Holy Land before the coming of the Messiah. The Jewish people do, of course, recognize special spiritual ties to that land they call it Eretz Yisrael. Every morning, afternoon, and evening, and night they mention it and Zion and Jerusalem in their prayers, and indeed a Jew does not sit down to a meal without doing likewise. To the Jew, the very soil of the Holy Land is different from that of any other spot on this globe, and wherever he is he turns his face toward Jerusalem during prayers. To live in the Holy Land or even to be buried there was always considered to be of high merit.

        This love of the land and the Jewish longing for a return to it and for the coming of the Messiah have been exploited innumerable times during the past 2,000 years. Zionism has had many precursors and each has been a curse for the Jews. Individuals who proclaimed themselves the Messiah and messianic movements have sprung up from time to time, from the Roman era through the Middle Ages and down to the modern Zionists. Many of these pseudo-Messiahs posed as rabbis or as national leaders, though some of them eventually professed other faiths; many temporarily – some for longer periods – succeeded in misleading Jews, rabbis, and entire Jewish communities. All were in due course exposed and recognized as frauds, and those who had set their hope on them found only disappointment and all too often disaster.

        In the early stages of the development of modern Zionism, the Mizrachi was founded, an organization of so-called religious Zionists who tried to combine their faith with political Zionism. This led to constant conflict between the dictates of divine law and the demands of Jewish nationalism. Most of the time, the Mizrachi was outvoted at Zionist congresses and served only to give the Zionist movement a false religious aura. Whenever expediency called for it, these “religious” Zionist fellow-travelers have been used by the Zionist government to underpin national claims with “religious” authority. The National Religious Party in the Zionist state has been well rewarded for giving its stamp of approval to nationalistic measures and enactments, whether these rewards were of financial nature or in the form of cabinet or other government posts. The chauvinism of these religious Zionists frequently exceeded that of other Zionists, and it was always couched in religious terms – a prime example of the abuse of religion. The fraudulence of these “religious” Zionists was demonstrated during the past year when it was revealed that two of their world leaders had committed million-dollar thefts.

        A Jewish world organization was founded in 1912 on the German-Polish border with the specific purpose of fighting Zionism. This organization, Agudath Israel, “Union of Israel,” was to represent the true Jewish people in the world and to unmask the unwarranted and unjust claims of the Zionists. Rabbis everywhere joined Agudath Israel, as did masses of observant Jews. Anti-Zionist congresses were convened in Vienna and in Marienbad. In countries such as Poland, Agudists were members of parliament. Under Agudah leadership more than 50 years ago, Jews in the Holy Land opposed to Zionism obtained permission from Britain, the mandatory power in Palestine, to declare in writing that they did not wish to be represented by the Zionists or any of their groups, particularly not by the Zionist quasi-governmental organizations such as the Va’ad Leumi, “National Council.”

        Shortly thereafter, Jacob de Haan, a former distinguished Dutch diplomat who was then leader of Agudath Israel in Palestine, initiated talks with Arab leaders with a view toward the eventual establishments of a state therein which Jews and Arabs would have equal rights. In this way, he hoped to forestall the creation of a Zionist state. Despite threats to his life, de Haan, fully aware of the ultimate dangers of a Zionist state, continued his talks and negotiations. On the eve of his departure in 1924 for Britain to meet with authorities there, he was assassinated by the Haganah, the Zionist paramilitary force, in the center of Jerusalem as he came from evening prayers. More than a half a century ago, this devout and visionary Jew gave his life in a fight that he considered paramount, at a time when the world at large was still blind and deaf to the difficulties and problems that a future Zionist state would entail.

        As a result of such terrorism and increasing Zionist pressure, Agudath Israel gradually began to weaken and to compromise. During the Nazi period, it entered into deals and arrangements with the Zionists, despite the fact that its fundamental aim had been to combat Zionism. After the Zionist state was established, Agudath Israel broke off with its past, participated in the Zionist government on the cabinet level and elected Agudists to the Zionist parliament. Still professing a nominal anti-Zionism, Agudath Israel established a network of “independent” schools in the Holy Land, but today the overwhelming part of the budget of these schools comes from the Zionist government.

        In view of these developments, those Jews who wanted to continue the fight against Zionism without any compromise left Agudath Israel and constituted themselves as the Neturei Karta, an Aramaic phrase meaning “Guardians of the City,” i.e. the city of Jerusalem. The Neturei Karta, in turn, became a worldwide movement, known in some places as “Friends of Jerusalem.”

        The greatest leader of the Neturei Karta was Rabbi Amram Blau, an inspired and dedicated leader whose compassion equaled his courage. He could not keep silent in the face of injustice, immorality, or hypocrisy. He was beloved by Jews and respected by Christians and Muslims. Born in Jerusalem, he never left the Holy Land during his entire life. In his writings, he stressed many times that Jews and Arabs had lived in harmony until the advent of political Zionism. Rabbi Blau was imprisoned in Jerusalem, not by the Ottoman authorities, not by the British, and not by the Arabs, but by the Zionists. What was his crime? He defended with vigor and honesty, without regard for his own safety, the holy character of Jerusalem against the “innovations” and encroachments of the Zionists. He fought for the sanctity of the Sabbath and actively opposed the inroads of indecency and immorality made under the Zionist regime. Unceasingly he denounced the establishment of a Jewish state before the coming of the Messiah as an acct of infamy and blasphemy. Under his leadership, the Neturei Karta declared year after year that they did not recognize the legitimacy of the Zionist state or the validity of its laws.

        During the first period of fighting between the Zionist state and the Arabs, the rabbis of the Neturei Karta went toward the combat lines, carrying a white flag, and stated that they wanted no part in this war and that they were absolutely opposed to the creation of a Zionist state. In his last proclamation, Rabbi Blau deplored the actions of the Zionists against the Muslim and Christian Palestinians and the grievous harm done by the Zionists to the Jewish people in endeavoring to change them from “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” to a modern state, devoid of spiritual foundation, based on chauvinism, built on conquest, and relying on military prowess. “The number of your cities constitute your gods,” the prophet Jeremiah had thundered to the chauvinist and idolatrous Jewish government of this day. Like it, the Zionists are now establishing a new status quo and expanding their position by founding new settlements in he territories occupied since 1967.

        Rabbi Blau in his last statement severely condemned the UN for recognizing and accepting as a member the Zionist state, thus giving the Zionists unprecedented prestige and power. It is high time that the anti-Zionist nations listen to him, heed his plea, and undo this great wrong and correct this fatal error. It is well known that no action was taken concerning the expulsion of the Zionist state because of the fear that financial support for the UN would be withdrawn. Let those states, opposed to Zionism, who have become affluent during the past generation, show that they mean what they say by offering to replace any financial loss the UN may suffer as a consequence, and let the member states vote their conscience without fear and regardless of any intimidation.

        There have been times before in Jewish history, as related in the Bible when the masses were misled and only a minority of Jews clung to the true mission of the Jewish people. One of the first such of the occasions was the worship of the golden calf; today we, unfortunately, see a repetition of this, with the Zionist state now being the object of worship. Until the appearance and growing influence of political Zionism, Jewish leaders were chosen on the basis of their piety, decency, learning, and their love of justice and mercy. Today only too often so-called Jewish leaders, completely unqualified under Jewish law and traditional concepts, make pronouncements and decisions in the name and on behalf of the Jewish people. This is particularly true in the USA where there is the largest Jewish community in our time. I can never forget the remark of a woman in Oklahoma: “Isn’t today’s Judaism wonderful! All you have to do is give money.”

        Even at his death, Rabbi Blau refuted the Zionists who had often claimed that the Neturei Karta was nothing but an insignificant sect of a few hundred souls. Yet when Rabbi Blau died in Jerusalem on a Friday morning two years ago, a few hours later no fewer than 22,000 men attended his funeral.

        At all times in the past, the misleaders of the Jews have sooner or later fallen by the wayside, and only those who upheld the validity of the Torah and the Talmud (the written and oral law) and of Halachah, and who resisted the demagogues, prevailed. The Neturei Karta follow in this tradition. They continue as a living rebuke to Zionism and speak in our time for the true Jewish people, those who have not been misled by Zionism.

        During the Roman conquest of the Holy Land, there were Jews who on the basis of nationalism and racial pride were sure that they could not lose a war. They, like the Zionists of our day, were opposed to any compromise or settlement; there were determined to fight to the end. At that time, however almost 2,000 years ago, the foremost rabbi, Rabbi Yochanan ben Sakkai, chose a different way. The military adventurers prevented him from leaving beleaguered Jerusalem to negotiate with the Romans, so the rabbi had himself carried out in a coffin by his disciples to the Roman headquarters. He said to the Romans that the Jews need neither an army nor weapons and asked for permission to establish a yeshiva, a Jewish religious school, at Yavneh. It was this religious school, and not the militarists or generals of the time, that helped to perpetuate Judaism and the identity of the Jewish people.

        It must be stated explicitly that while not all Jews are Zionists, not all Zionists are Jews. The motives of some of these non-Jewish Zionists, e.g. Lord Balfour and General Smuts, are at least open to question. From the beginning of the Zionist movement, some of the most articulate and fervent Zionists have been Christian clergymen, especially “fundamentalists,” who hail Zionism as an important “religious” movement and welcome it as a fulfillment of prophecy. They also, and significantly, serve the cause of Zionism.

        One of the basic aims of Zionism is aliyah, the immigration to the Zionist state of Jews from all countries. Nevertheless, during the past few years, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have out gathered themselves from the Zionist paradise, and American Jews have “voted with their feet” and have chosen not to be ingathered. These Jews recognize that the Zionist state is, in fact, nothing but a giant ghetto.

        Instead of being able to render assistance to Jewish communities in other countries, American Jews have been mobilized to concentrate on helping the Zionist state, making the USA the real and major source of Zionist power and influence. The Zionists, true to the nature of their movement, rely on technical superiority and on a forbidding military deterrent – provided largely by the USA – for their security.

        Nothing could be farther from the true ideals of the Jewish people. The Jewish people were chosen in the first place “for you are the least of all nations.” As the Psalm says, “they rely on vehicles and horsepower, but we invoke the name of the Eternal, our G-d.”

        One most vital point deserves mention. A former president of the World Zionist Organization has stated explicitly that a Zionist owes unqualified loyalty to the Zionist state and that, in the case of a conflict, the first loyalty of a Zionist must be to the Zionist state. According to Jewish law, however, a Jew owes allegiance and loyalty to the country of which he is a citizen, and, of course, no faithful Jews owes any loyalty or allegiance to the Zionist state which has been condemned by the foremost rabbis of our age.

        It is not my purpose to detail how Zionism should be dealt with. Let me state, however, that isolated or spontaneous acts against individuals or the mere adoption of resolutions in the UN or elsewhere are not effective means of bringing an end to Zionism. Let me state also that the battle against Zionism must be waged first, not on the shores of the Mediterranean, but in Zionism’s most powerful bastion — the USA>

        As an American citizen, I deplore that our government and our politicians have adopted an attitude that is in complete contradiction to the advice of the father of our country George Washington. Instead of shying away from foreign entanglements and permanent alliances with foreign powers, the establishment in Washington has embraced Zionism so wholeheartedly that in the eyes any criticism of the Zionist state and any opposition to political Zionism in the UN by any nation has become a punishable offense. And the docile American media do not dare to speak out against such an absurdity.

        Unfortunately, thus far, each year sees still further gains in influence by American Zionists. This fact has made possible events and developments that were unthinkable even ten years ago. It takes a lot of courage to be opposed to Zionism in the USA today. It also took a lot of courage during the Second World War to be anti-Fascist in Italy or anti-Nazi in Germany. In the long run, Zionism is nothing but a passing aberration in the long history of the Jewish people and of the world.

        Let us take faith and hope in the certainty that eventually prejudice, hatred, and injustice will disappear, and that the prophecy will come true that all nations of the world will participate in the pilgrimage to Jerusalem “for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Judaism is “Centuries-Old”, while Zionism is less than 2.

Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel

Don’t be “Hoodwinked by Fraud”.  Everything the Zionists do is rooted in Manipulation, Fraud and Unjustified “Corrupted Control”.

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If it is true, what’s all the FRAUD for?

fake photos1

The Fake Photograph Problem

By Udo Walendy

In my book Faked Atrocities (distributed by the Institute for Historical Reivew, $5.00) I have described some of the ways in which the German nation is maligned through the use of forged atrocity photographs. My book deals comprehensively with this problem, and shows the following:

  1. How many photos turn up with different captions to suit the circumstance. The caption can describe a totally different location, time, and circumstance to another caption on the same photo published elsewhere.
  2. How many photos are altered; sometimes with no apparent reason; such as in regard to garments, hairstyles, facial expressions. These alterations throw severe doubt on the origin of the photo itself.
  3. How many photos are impossible, in that the shadows are all wrong, or contradictory; or non-existent. Or that the physical anatomy of the persons portrayed is impossible, when compared with skeletons. These types of atrocity pictures are usually paintings or drawings.
  4. How many atrocity pictures are of Communist origin.
  5. How many pictures prove nothing at all. For example a picture of a pile of spectacles, or of false teeth, or of shaving brushes, could easily be taken in a spectacle factory, a false teeth factory, or a shaving brush factory.

In the examples I am today presenting, I wish to show some of the more blatant forgeries. Of course, there were other methods, besides forged photographs, used for brainwashing the German people after the war. For a survey of these, students should refer to my more recent booklet The Methods of Re-Education (also distributed by IHR, $2.00).

Fake photograph

This was the caption given to this picture in R. Schnabel’s Macht Ohne Moral (Power Without Morals), Roederberg Publishing, Frankfurt, 1957, page 341.

Roll Call

This is the caption given to the same picture, but minus the pile of bodies, at the N¸rnberg Trials. The photograph appears twice; once in Vol. 30 page 421, and again in the French government’s submissions as document F321.

It was also reproduced in a number of Communist booklets, such as Der KZ-Staat (The Concentration Camp State) by Heinz Kuehnerich, East Berlin, 1960, page 81; and in Vaclav Berdych’s Mauthausen, Prague, 1959.

This photographic fraud is also commented upon by Richard Harwood in Six Million Lost and Found (previously Did Six Million Really Die?)

Fake shoe photograph
Thousands of Shoes of Murdered Prisoners at Auschwitz

The picture appeared with this caption in R. Schnabel’s Macht Ohne Moral (Power Without Morals), Roederberg Publishing, Frankfurt, 1957, page 244.

Fake shoe photograph
This picture appeared with no caption at all in The Lublin Extermination Camp, by Constantin Simonow, Moscow, 1944, page 12.

One would wish that the Exterminationists would at least get their stories straight. Were the shoes found at Auschwitz or at Lublin? (Actually, it is also worth noting here that Lublin is the same thing as Majdanek or Majdanek, but is a hundred miles from Auschwitz-Birkenau.)

In both photographs one can see that the individual shoes in the foreground are identical, yet there are two different backgrounds. Also, there are no shadows in the picture, making it seem likely that it has been “touched up.” One also wonders why it is that the ultra-efficient Nazis allowed their victims’ shoes to be piled up without being tied in pairs. We are indebted to an Exterminationist-Survivor Eugen Kogon who told us in Der SS Staat (The SS State), 1st edition on page 132, or 5th edition on page 167, that there was a big sign in front of the gas-chamber undressing room telling the victims to fold their clothes neatly and tie their shoes in pairs!

The terror in the occupied areas had as first aim: the extermination of the Jewish population and the intimidation of all residents who did not subject themselves completely to the regime. The Gestapo brought women and children to be shot.

Caption in Illustrierte Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkriegs (Illustrated History of WWII) by K. Zentner, page 490.

This same picture also appears in Der Gelbe Stern (The Yellow Star) by Gerhard Schoenberner, page 96 in both German and English editions (Corgi-Trans World 1969), with the caption Mass Executions in Lijepaja, Latvia.

A group of women before being shot. On the left of the picture is Purve Rosa, worker from the Kursa factory, and her mother next to her. Photograph from the chief of the Gestapo unit in Ljiepaja, Hauptscharführer Karl Schrot, 15 December 1941.

Caption from Verbrecherische Ziele — Verbrecherische Mittel, published by the Marxist-Leninist Institute, Moscow, 1963, page 132.

Although on the face of it, this may seem to be the same picture, study for a moment the garments the women are wearing. Woman #2 in the German picture has an undershirt that comes up to her neck. Yet the same woman in the Soviet picture has a scoop-neck garment. Woman #3 has a V-neckline in the German picture, and a rounded neckline in the Soviet one! Woman #4 and Woman #1 have also had their necklines altered. One must also speculate on how it is that people can stand around so calmly in their underclothes in Latvia in the middle of December when temperatures are minus 40 degrees Centigrade!

But such is the standard of our popular media that they will recycle such trash as this with impunity. The Soviet photo later appeared in the popular Stern magazine, and their caption told that the scene was now White Ruthenia!

Fake photo at Buchenwald
Concentration Camp guard, with victims, in Buchenwald.

This was the caption in Der Spiegel 10 October 1966 page 101. The same picture was also used on postcards with the slogan: This War Criminal Has Not Been Found! which were distributed by American Zionist organizations in the Spring of 1979. The cards were to be mailed to the German prime minister demanding an extension of the statute of limitations. The campaign was successful.

However, the picture is an obvious fake. The guard’s uniform is all wrong. The side pockets beneath the belt are missing. The buttoned edge of the jacket does not run correctly from top to bottom. The pistol hangs on the wrong side. An “Unterscharf¸hrer” would not be allowed to wear officer’s pants with boots.

Secondly, the lighting is all wrong. The “guard” and the two hanging victims cast no shadows, while the prone victim does.

Lastly, it would seem terribly inefficient for those wicked Nazis to choose such high trees to hang people from. Someone would have had to have gone to a lot of trouble to get the ropes high up into the crown of the tree. One also wonders whether it is anatomically possible for people hanging by their wrists like this to draw their legs up. Also, one cannot see the ropes; when I visited Dachau museum in January 1968 they had on display a life-size blowup of this same picture, and still no ropes were detectable. Either the victims are floating in mid-air, or someone forgot to draw them in!

Faked Photos of Nazi Atrocities


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As Many As 150,000 Jews Served In Hitler’s Military

Hitlers Jewish Soldiers

(Reuters) — As many as 150,000 men of Jewish descent served in the German military under Adolf Hitler, some with the Nazi leader’s explicit consent, according to a U.S. historian who has interviewed hundreds of former soldiers.

Bryan Mark Rigg, a history professor at the American Military University in Virginia, told Reuters on Thursday that the issue of soldiers of partial Jewish descent was long a somewhat taboo subject, overlooked by most academics as it threw up thorny questions.

“Not everybody who wore a uniform was a Nazi and not every person of Jewish descent was persecuted,” he said. “Where do they belong? They served in the military but lost mom at Auschwitz.”

According to the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, Jews or those of partial Jewish descent were unfit for military service, but Rigg tracked down and interviewed more than 400 former soldiers of partial Jewish descent — labeled “Mischlinge” (“half-caste”) by the Nazis.

He estimates there were about 60,000 soldiers with one Jewish parent and 90,000 with a Jewish grandparent in the Wehrmacht, the regular army as distinct from the Nazi SS.

“They thought ‘if I serve well they’re not going to hurt me and not going to hurt my family’,” he said.

However, on returning home from the campaign in Poland at the start of the war to find persecution of their families worsening, many soldiers classified as half-Jewish started to complain, prompting Hitler to order their dismissal in 1940.

But many of these so-called half-Jewish soldiers continued to serve, sometimes due to delays in the discharge order reaching the front, because they concealed their background or because they applied and won clemency for good service.

Many senior officers with Jewish ancestry won special permission to serve from Hitler himself.

“History is not so black and white. History about Mischlinge shows how bankrupt the Nazi racial laws were,” said Rigg.


While Germany has long been aware of men serving as soldiers who Nazi race laws should have classified as Jewish, most notably former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and Luftwaffe Field Marshal Erhard Milch, Rigg’s large estimate has surprised many.

Die Welt daily called Rigg’s book “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” “one of the most important Holocaust studies of recent years”. The author was in Berlin to launch the German language version.

“The Mischlinge suffered the same fate in academic life as they did in real life. There was nobody to speak for them,” Rigg said. “People thought it could be misinterpreted, it would be like saying: ‘look they did it to themselves’.”

Rigg, who has served in the U.S. Marines and as a volunteer in the Israeli army, was moved to research the subject after he discovered his own Jewish ancestry while probing his family tree and after a chance meeting with a Jewish Wehrmacht veteran.

Many of his subjects were telling their story for the first time and in some cases, their families knew nothing of their Jewish heritage. “They would talk their hearts out, telling me all about this schizophrenic story they went through,” he said.

He is convinced that most of the soldiers of Jewish descent were not aware of the Nazis’ systematic murder of Jews, noting that most half-Jews reported to deportation stations in 1944.

“Most say they do not feel guilty about serving in the military, they feel guilty about what they didn’t do to save their relatives,” he said.

As Many As 150000 Jews Served In Hitlers Military (4 Min Video)

(1hr 20 min C-Span Video) Bryan Mark Rigg

A Note on this from the Hollow-Hoax website owner:

I am glad to present stuff on this topic which involves a “Jewish Perspective”, and the Author of this book classifies himself as “Jewish” or “Part Jewish”.  Yet some of this (for this reason) must be taken with a “Grain of Salt” for that reason.

I am speaking of the “Speculation” of the Author.  His speculation (believing as he does) on the Holocaust or the extermination of Jewish People.

This is not his category of expertise.  He has researched the people involved, and their racial identity.  He has also outlined the rules of National Socialist Germany in a correct way (in my opinion) from the documentation he has.  That I have no issue with.

What I do have an issue with is his speculation, and when asked why these people of 1/2 or 1/4 Jewish heritage served the German Reich, he states clearly that they were not knowledgeable of (what he calls) the Holocaust.  That (through my research) is a true statement.  They had no idea.

What they had no idea of, however, was the lies and the stories that were built and maintained after the War, and the fact is, that these people never knew about this “Mass Genocide” of Jewish People in Concentration Camps, simply because it did NOT happen!

He also provides no evidence (as he has none) that it did.  We know (today) or we should know if we are researched at all, that the majority of the Autopsies done at the Camps (over 90% in fact) point to TYPHUS or other diseases as the cause of death for virtually all of the people who died in the Camps.

Speculation is just that.  He has not researched it.  He has no evidence to show.  He is speculating, even with the FACT (which he admits) that nobody he interviewed knew anything of what he is speculating about.  Therefore, that is that.  All we can count on is his research into the Heritage of the German Military.  Possibly even Hitler himself.

Although people constantly like to POINT THE FINGER at Hitler specifically for everything that ever happened under National Socialism, I need to disagree.

Through my research, I have found that Hitler was mostly a “Speaker” for the National Socialist Party.  He did not spend very much time designing laws or “Party Agenda’s” and simply promoted them.  Even in War, he was disrespected by many Generals (being thought as nothing but a Corporal, and ignorant of Military Affairs), and he was not “hands on” in every aspect of the National Socialist System or the Military Regime.

He may have made final decisions when things could not be handled below his rank as a Politician, but he had to conform to the wants and desires of the majority, especially in his Party, and in his Military as well.

Although in 2017 and beyond (as I am writing this) we, as a society, can find “Racial Laws” and Prejudice to be abhorrent and not something to base laws or Political Systems on, this was not the case, even Worldwide, in the 1930’s.

I must remind people, that in North America (for instance) Women had just gotten the vote, and only after WWI.  In the USA they still could not hold high ranking positions and were not allowed to even sit on a Jury.

African Americans still drank out of different drinking fountains, sat at the back of the bus.  Yet even in Canada, during WWII there were signs on the Scarborough Bluffs stating:


While you may turn in disgust as he describes how 1/2 Jews might need to stand on a bus in Germany, leaving the seats in favor of “Arian Germans”, and you would be right to feel that way, you also must understand that condemning just the Germans for such actions is simply being the Pot, and calling the Kettle black.

We are not talking just Jewish People here (with any research) as if you do that, you are ignoring Zionists, and Zionism, and the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Balfour Declaration, and the Worldwide Jewish Boycott of German Products, which was very much involved with the status of (what he labels) of Jews in Germany in the 1930’s

He fails to be able to get the Jewish People that he interviews to admit to knowledge of the Gas Chambers or the Genocide because it is a fantasy.  Propaganda with no factual basis.  Yet he never asks them if they knew of the newspaper headlines declaring:


As well, he never broaches the topic of “Did they feel threatened because of this promotion of Zionists, while they were living in 1930’s Germany?”.  Did they know?  How did they feel this would affect them?  Why would they not be making every effort to leave Germany if this was really happening, and prejudicial laws were being put into place because of this threat on the German Population?

These subjects of FACTS which of course were very menacing for Jewish People living in Germany would obviously be of concern.  Instead, he questions them about speculation?  Fantasy?  Propaganda?

The Balfour Declaration was not Propaganda.  It is a document.  The Versailles Treaty was not Speculation, but a fact.  Zionists being moved to Palestine under the Transfer Agreement, were facts as well.  This is never discussed, in favor of Propaganda and Fantasy?

So, while the Author can call Hitler “depraved” and a “little off his rocker”, I would have to retort, that I do not need to LOVE HITLER in order to see this as a warped view, and certainly one taken because of what he believes is his “Partial Jewish Heritage”.

I try often to put the “Shoe on the other foot” in such matters and ask, “what if it was me?”.  Well, that is hard to answer, being Scottish, and never dealing with this kind of prejudice in Canada myself, but I would have to say that if the Scottish made a deal with a Foreign Entity (like the USA for instance) where they would bring in some other Country to win a War against Canada (after the Canadians had basically won a War against the USA) and in return they wanted Alaska or something (just being hypothetical) and the USA won, I would be walking on “pins and needles” with my fellow Canadians once that War was over.

Yet if Scotland declared a “Worldwide Boycott of Canadian Goods” after Canada threw the Scottish out of key positions in Government (even if the Scottish were not controlling the Banks and running the Porn Industry in Canada), I would be probably be changing my last name, and planning on moving.

Yet if they started to pass laws in Canada, that made Scottish “second-class citizens” and clearly wanting all the Scottish to move from Canada, I would be on the first boat or train offered!   I may hear rumors of “Gas Chambers for Scottish”, but would pass them off as hearsay, as I diligently attempted to extradite myself, and that of my family, out of Canada.

That is something ELSE that we do not hear being discussed with this Author.  It certainly would be a topic of discussion, had I lived through it.  Yet not a peep.  Why not?

Could it possibly be that unless I was a threat to the State, that I would not expect any retaliation against me or my family personally?  That MOST Canadians did not see me in the same light as the “Scottish People Who Were Traitors”?  Is that a possibility?

I would think that since this never is discussed in the Authors conversations or with the majority of the German Jews who lived in Germany, I would have to say, that maybe, just maybe, the vast majority of German Jews did not feel overly threatened, unless they had something they were guilty of.


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Anne Frank, and YES, still taught in Schools!


It is appropriate for a “Bic Pen Commercial” but…

TUCKED AWAY ON pages 119 and 122 of the October 6 issue of Der Spiegel, a weekly German news magazine comparable to Time or Newsweek, was a news item of considerable significance: A scientific analysis of the manuscript purported to be the original diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who died in a German concentration camp during the Second World War, has revealed that the manuscript could not have been written before 1951, six years after the end of the war. (ILLUSTRATION: Anne Frank. She died of typhus in 1945 — but she didn’t write a diary.)

5 min of Proven as Fraud in a New York Supreme Court

The significance of Der Spiegel’s revelation of this fraud is twofold. First, the printing of the story in a mass-circulation publication constitutes a major break with past treatments of similar news. The German news media, though not under the Jewish monopoly control which blights the media in this country, generally follow a pro-Jewish line, a heritage from the immediate postwar years when the Allied occupation forces gave publishing licenses only to those Germans who had proved their disloyalty to their country during the war. Consequently, most news tending to cast doubt on Jewish stories about gas chambers and the like from the World War II era has either been blacked out altogether or downplayed and given very unsympathetic treatment. The present article, though accompanied by copious apologies and held back for six months after it became news, would not have been printed at all a year or two ago.

Beyond this, the exposure of the Anne Frank forgery is important because of the sheer magnitude of the fraud and the key role it has played in underpinning the entire Jewish scenario of the war. What is known as a fact is that one Otto Frank, a Jewish merchant, formerly of Frankfurt, who had been arrested in the Netherlands and interned in the Auschwitz concentration camp during the war, began visiting publishers in 1946 with what he claimed was a diary written by his young daughter during the time the Frank family was hiding from the German police in occupied Holland. The girl later perished at Auschwitz, Frank said.

The diary, filled with touching adolescent reveries and homely little anecdotes, was exactly what the Jewish “Holocaust” propagandists were looking for: a highly effective piece of ammunition to generate a maudlin, emotion-laden sympathy for the poor, persecuted Jews — as typified by Anne Frank — and generate hatred against the wicked Germans, who had killed her and six million other Jews.

Otto Frank cashed in on the diary in a big way. Not only did he find a publisher, but he found people hot to buy stage and film rights as well. Shortly after its appearance in book form, the diary had been translated into a score of languages and printed in millions of copies, from all of which Frank received royalties. The English version alone, under the title Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, has sold more than 4,000,000 copies to date. A television dramatization based on the diary was aired in this country last month, accompanied by the usual ballyhoo.

Almost from the beginning, there were charges that the diary was a hoax. Some of these charges were based on the gross inconsistencies between various translations and editions of the diary in book form; it was clear that the text had been heavily edited to help it sell well in different markets. Other charges were based on internal inconsistencies and credulity-straining elements in the diary itself.

And then there was the matter of the script for the film version of the diary: Otto Frank was sued by a New York scriptwriter, Meyer Levin, who claimed that Frank had taken large portions of a script he, Levin, had written and had not paid Levin for his work. The court ordered Frank to pay Levin $50,000. One can easily understand why some observers began to wonder how much, if any, of the content of the various Anne Frank books, films, and plays in circulation was actually written by a little Jewish girl named Anne Frank.

Otto Frank, father of Anne, displays what he says is his daughter’s diary, written in 1942–1944 while hiding from the Gestapo. Recent scientific tests have proved the alleged diary could not have been written before 1951. Frank made millions from his forgery before his death this year.
Otto Frank, the father of Anne, displays what he says is his daughter’s diary, written in 1942–1944 while hiding from the Gestapo. Recent scientific tests have proved the alleged diary could not have been written before 1951. Frank made millions from his forgery before his death this year.

In Germany, however, it was not wise to speculate about such matters publicly. The line laid down by the government and the media is that Anne Frank is gospel, and anyone who suggests otherwise leaves himself open to criminal charges (“defaming the victims of Nazi persecution”) as well as to civil suits. Otto Frank himself made a regular habit of hauling Anne Frank detractors into German courts, which invariably decided in his favor — until recently, that is.

When Hamburg pensioner Ernst Roemer, 76, began spreading the accusation that Otto Frank had himself written what he was passing off as his dead daughter’s diary, Frank sued him. As usual, the court upheld the authenticity of the diary. Handwriting experts testified that the entire diary, including loose notes and insertions, had been written by the same hand, and that hand was Anne Frank’s.

Roemer appealed the court’s decision against him, and more handwriting experts were called in. Their conclusion was the same: Everything in the diary was in the same handwriting; there was no forgery.

Roemer appealed again, and this time the court asked for the technical services of the Federal Criminal Office (Bundeskriminalamt, similar to our FBI), which carried out a careful analysis of the original manuscript of the diary with microscope and ultraviolet illumination in order to confirm its authenticity — in particular, to determine when it was written.

The report of the technical experts was given to the court in April of this year, and it contained a bombshell: large portions of the alleged “diary” were written in ballpoint pen ink — which was not manufactured prior to 1951!

Were it not for the previous testimony of the handwriting experts that the entire diary, including the portions written with a ballpoint pen, is in the same hand, the father might have claimed that he only “edited” his daughter’s work, “clarifying” passages here and there. But the evidence was quite unambiguous.

For example, the testimony of Hamburg graphologist Minna Bekker in an earlier trial was: “The handwriting of the diary in the three bound volumes — including all notes and additions on the glued-in pages as well as the 338 pages of loose material — including all corrections and insertions is identical . . .”

Otto should have been more careful in his choice of writing instruments. It is now quite clear that he finished hooking up the “original” of the diary after he had found a publisher for what, in 1946, was nothing more than some rough notes and an idea in his head which seemed to have prospects for making him a lot of money with little effort. First a typescript for the publisher, and then, as sales of the book began to mount, a completed handwritten “original” to show to doubters.

Just after the report of the Federal Criminal Office was given to the court, Otto Frank conveniently died — before he could be asked a number of very interesting questions. Meanwhile, the worldwide Jewish propaganda apparatus has continued its promotion of the Anne Frank myth as if nothing had happened. Der Spiegel seems to be the only mass-circulation news periodical to have exposed the fraud to date.

8 Minutes of The Mysteries Of Anne Frank

1 Hour Detailed Investigation

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