Trump does not promote Zionism?

trump holocaust (1)

You tell me after watching this 15 min Video!

Trump at AIPEC

Screenshot 2017-10-08 09.52.38

Ok, here we go. Survivors of what? Labor Camps?

This is “History’s Darkest Hour”? Not your constant killing of people Worldwide with Drone Strikes and Cruise Missiles and funding of Terrorists?

Ohh, wait… I guess we are talking Israel. Sorry, I thought I was. I guess it can also apply to the USA. Ellie Wiesel was a FRAUD and proven as such. He never had a tattoo (as claimed) and his Camp Number has been proven stolen from another prisoner. He is documented as a complete hoaxter. Don’t know this? Here is a link (one of many):

An empty space of what? Do we need more lies? It is worthwhile for you Trump as you are the “King of Lies”!

Testimony? Sheesh. Genocide? Beyond Description? I can show you a few survivors who can describe it. I know you don’t like to, as anyone would be able to point out that you are full of crap. No Genocide. It CAN be described. Here:

Death camps? Why do you have hospitals in “Death Camps”?:

6 Million? Sheesh, that figure has NO relevance to reality whatsoever! It was a rumor, to begin with. Wanna know how many died in the camps? Over 90% (by proven Autopsy) died of Typhus and other diseases? Here:

Anti-Semitism? Wow! Zionists are not Semitic. They are Khazars from Europe. The Zionists denied aid to the Jews in Germany. Yet for all Worldwide Jews, roughly around 2% are actually Semitic. Here is something you might relate to Trump. If I was 2% Black and I wanted reparations for my “Black Slave Brethren” and ran around screaming “Black Power”, would you find me off my nut? Huh? Well, this does not apply to Zionists though eh? Over 13 Trillion so far in “Sympathy Money” with a present over 2.5 million recipients (*Note look at the link for ALL dead in Camps of under 300k) supposedly still alive, you don’t know the difference between a SAFE Zionist refusing help to Jews in Germany and Jews in Labor Camps during WWII? Hmm, well here is a link to that Mr. Trump:

Who is threatening Israel? ISIS? ISIL? Who exactly? The Palestinians behind a wall being sprayed with White Phosphorus? You are out to LUNCH Mr. Trump.

You will remember a fantasy tale promoted by Zionists. Pure bullshit!

You do talk about American Soldiers showing up at the camps? Yes, I have a link to that too. Here is what they found:

You speak of some poor Girl Gerta. Nothing about the Millions of German Women Raped but you “TOUT” the truth, and spout lies. So if right will defeat wrong, then I certainly hope SMART people will examine the evidence I have provided, and if Good will Triumph over Evil, then you and your hoax speech will be exposed.

How much evidence do you need?

2 thoughts on “Trump does not promote Zionism?

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  2. Amen. His daughters married Jews and he feels a special place in their hearts and is soooo happy to have Jewish granddaughters, and has no clue that Nettie does not approve of mixed marriages, and that no woman who is not born from a Jewish mother cannot bear any Jewish children. His grandchildren will not be considered to be JEWISH.

    Give our country away Trump cause you are too damn ignorant to know who these wonderful people are and how they point guns in little boys faces while carrying them to their military truck off to jail where they will be raped and returned home with bruises, and semen and blood dripping from their rectums and infected with contagious diseases where they can starve to death while sick too. Such nice jews to let the Gazans have a whole hour of electricity a day. Where they are kept on the edge of starvation and insufficient potable water. He is a 33 level Grandmaison so it was all arranged before he came into the elections. How nice How about that Mr.Trump.

    You are so ignorant. You let me down. News flash. Putin said he knows what is happening in America and the our people are oppressed and has offered to let millions into Russia and give them two and half acres, if they have ancestors from Russia or Poland or Slovak countries, and can learn Russian language. I would go but am too old and would be a liability in a few years. His country is on gold standard, no Rothschilds in Russia allowed again, and free college education and health care is free. Don’t know the procedure such as where one applies but he is now taking applications. They will not be turned into ash into their own homes when hit with a lazer by a Boeing military plane.


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