Your very own “Zionist Search Engine”

Wiki (1)

It does have good information, or else nobody would use it.  However, you need to know the purpose of this “Search Engine”.  It is set up by Zionists, run by Zionists, funded by Zionists and its real purpose is to drag you all into feeling secure with its information, as you have hidden from you, that it is merely here to prevent and block anything “Anti-Israel”.

I would say “Anti-Semitic” but they too know that Semitic is a language and not a race or a religion.  They just do not want you to know that.

Don’t be FOOLED by Wikipedia

If it does NOT hurt their “Zionist Cause” you might get some truth from it. However, everything you see on it should be judged as having a “Zionist Slant”. It is OWNED and SPECIFICALLY RUN by Zionists promoting a “Zionist Agenda”!

The situation is now that the majority of subjects Googled will show Wikipedia at the top – or one of the first top results – and thus Wikipedia will get the majority of the hits.

And as shown in our section on Google, this Internet search-engine is well in the hands of Zionist Jews and also cooperates openly with Zionist organizations such as ADL and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) to control the searches and censoring information and certain sites.

This means that apart from Wikipedia other sites may be censored when Googling any given subject.

Wikipedia´s Jewish founders – Wales and Sanger

From all the available information it appears Wikipedia was started by two Jews, one a programmer, and the other an ‘Adult Site’ operator.

The origins are in a project called Nupedia launched in March 2000 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

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