2 thoughts on “End of Hollow-Hoax Suppression!

  1. Congratulations. You are gifted. A few years ago I did belong to Care2 which has millions of members now but I was cut off somehow cause my password was not retrievable. Had over 350 friends. Opened new account but they seem to block my getting a password. I was very Pro Gaza, and thusly they seemed to frown on that, but not openly. Facebook had 550 friends or so, and cannot post there unless I give them my phone number. Seems we should have a right to contact our friends there, it is like Jehovah’s Witness, cut out all your support system if you stray too far. I opened a new account and posted some anti Occupation by Israel comments, and now cannot get on that account unless they get my phone number but they text the message for me to supply it on my phone number in my phone, so they have it. They want my IP address. Tricky devils.
    Try to get account on Care2 as It has world wide members that were very emotive. You post a topic and suddenly it is shared and one gets a long string of comments and people spoke out freely. If you have not tried it I suggest you do and give them this new web site you own. Bet you will get a following. It is likely restructured but easy to find issues as they were categorized.
    Have a couple friends there and will send this to the one I know who would like to read your articles. Heniz will be his name if you hear from him. He is on Care2 I think but they were fussing over him a bit. Parisal is one of his handles. Thanks for sharing.


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