The Holocaust is a Hoax, and there is nothing “Originally Ascribed” to it that has not been disproven or “heavily questioned”.  Any Judge will instruct a Jury that:

“Should you find ANY of the testimony of a Witness to be incorrect, or not credible, you need to disregard ALL of that testimony”

Yet with the Holocaust, we have lie, after lie, after proven lie, to pure fraud and this site is dedicated to bypassing suppression of Truth, and get the Truth out to you, the reader.

No revisionist (including myself) claims that there were no Concentration (or Labor) Camps, nor do we deny that Jewish People were badly treated, or even killed in those Camps.  However, the wish for, actions to, or decisions made towards a Jewish Genocide are more than exaggerated.  The plan of Germany was to deport the Undesirables.   That was the “Official Goal” and many deportation plans were attempted.  Yet at no time was the total extermination of the Jewish Race a plan.  This is merely Zionist (who were not the victims in the camps) Propaganda, also promoted by the Allies, as in reality, there was no good reason for WWII.

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November 2017

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October 2017:


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